Thursday, November 3, 2011

Grand opening!

Hello and welcome.
Thank you for stopping by.

This is my new blog where I show and write about my new items in my

Some of you might know me ( Farmgirl Knits) from a few years back in Whitefish selling baby hats and felted sweater jackets for children.
I started spinning wool and decided to put my business on hold for a while.
Now a few years later realized I missed the other aspect of creating with wool..
 knitting and crochet.
So here is a new fresh version of my business Farmgirl Knits.

In my ETSY shop
There are soft cozy hats to be found

Beautiful soft quilts in natural cotton.
 My mother was visiting me from Norway as she does twice a year...
(she is a perennial favorite around here)

She helped me so much getting the the whole business up and going,
 and a had huge hand in helping me sew and piece together the baby quilts.
Tusen Takk Mamma!

Hand knit infinity scarf with button closure.
 A talented artist from Michigan makes these beautiful hard wood buttons finished with lemon oil...each one original.
Love how it adorns the scarf.

" Elf "
An oldy but goody...if you are from Scandinavia
I am sure that you have worn one or two of these in your life time.
 Nothing beats the traditional pilot hat.
It covers the head perfectly and the ears and ties around the chin.

As a mama of four this was  a "must have" for my little ones.

Chunky cowls
with endless possibilities.
 From the slopes to ward of winter chill
to the office as a caplet.

Please stop by
 there is so much more at the shop
(Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and you can click right in to ETSY)

You'll find wonderful one of kind items for yourself
 or loved one.
From baby to adult.
Perfect gifts.

I am always working on something new.
And feel to drop me a line.
Thanks for stopping by and have wonderful day!